Apple Offers iPad Self-Publishing

On Wednesday, Apple announced that they would be offering support for individuals seeking to self-publish to the iBook Store.  MacLife has the details at In short, Apple will allow you to publish directly to the iBook Store if you meet the following criteria: The eBook must have a valid and unique ISBN number; The […]

Pegasus Book Group Joins iPad Lineup (hey, I’m waiting for the mac mini and MacBook Pro upgrades alright!) is reporting that Pegasus Books Group has agreed to bring their entire line of indepndent books to the iPad. The news story can be found online at To comment, this is definitely the direction that I expected the iPad to go. […]

The Biggest Apple News Today Was Not the iPad

There was great excitement among tech geeks today as Apple revealed its first-generation iPad.  Some people like it, some people hate it, but you can’t deny that there is some great potential there.  However, the iPad announcement was not the biggest news of the day.  This was. That’s right.  Apple has created their own electronic […]