The Internet Post That Got Me Started

While there was many influences that got me started then this road, there was one post on the Internet in particular that inspired me to attempt to publish my novel directly to the iPhone.  At the time, I was engaging in my standard hobby of surfing the Internet and wasting time.  To help me waste […]

Amazon vs. Macmillan is missing the point

April L. Hamiliton of the “Indie Author” blog has an interesting run-down here of the Amazon vs. Macmillan.  In a nutshell, the battle between the online store Amazon and the large mainstream publisher has boiled down to who has the right to set the prices for eBooks on the Kindle.  Amazon, interested in attracting readers […]

Building a Blurb – Evermore: Call of the Nocturne

After a long day finishing Bioshock, buying groceries, and making lunch for the work, I finally found some time to work on the web page for my first novel – Evermore: Call of the Nocturne.  To start with, I’ve decided to stick to a simple teaser blurb.  Despite its short length, blurb writing is no […]