Suicide is a Tax Write-Off

Embittered by life, a teenager visits “One Life to Leave”, a retail shop specializing in “early ascensions” – personalized suicide packages tailor-made for each individual. There, he must choose between a quiet life and a memorable death.

This short story is now available on the Kindle Store and Lulu.


2 thoughts on “Suicide is a Tax Write-Off

  1. Hi Scott. It’s JJ from Enderby. Last night I watched “How to Die in Oregon” and it brought up an old memory from A. L. Fortune.

    I had written a short story for an assignment, and after the teacher marked it, he gave me something to read. He said it was from one of his former students and he thought I might like it. I remember almost nothing of the story, but it involved suicide in the future. The author’s name was Scott Blurton. It left an impression, and to this day I think it has shaped my opinion on doctor-assisted suicide and the value of life.

    I googled my way here with the intention of asking you if I was remembering this correctly. Seeing now that you published a novel titled, “Suicide is a Tax Write-Off”, the question is probably unnecessary.

  2. Yeah. That was the same story. I believe I submitted it to either Mr. Burgess or Mr. Lawless. Can’t remember who. Sorry for the delay in replying but I was busy switching over my website to a new provider.

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