Pegasus Book Group Joins iPad Lineup (hey, I’m waiting for the mac mini and MacBook Pro upgrades alright!) is reporting that Pegasus Books Group has agreed to bring their entire line of indepndent books to the iPad. The news story can be found online at

To comment, this is definitely the direction that I expected the iPad to go. Its digital distribution network opens up incredible opportunites for small and independent publishers. The only advantage that a large publisher would have in this environment is promotion.

But it remains to be seen if Pegasus Group is the right choice for a digital noveliss like myself. While they have three hundred small publishers as clients, I still worry that I would be too small to be accepted into their clientale. I have after not yet published a single novel.

There is also a question over what cut Pegasus will take with their deal with Apple. While we know that Apple will take 30% of every sale, we don’t know how much of a cut that Pegasus Group will take on behalf of its small publishers. If it’s small enough, it may still be worth it if Pegasus improves the visibility of the novel by getting a dedicated section of the iBook Store.

While it still may be too large for ultra-small publishers like myself, it definitely deserves investigation. Most likely though I will have to wait for the CDBaby equivalent for digital publishing. Here’s hoping that I don’t have to wait long.

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