Thanks Everyone for the Great Book Launch!


The stage has been set.


The moment has come. BOOOK LAAUNCH!

Yesterday. I held the official book launch for my first novel, Evermore: Call of the Nocturne, at Black Squirrel Books in Centretown. It was a blast. We started off with about eight people and spent the first 30 to 40 minutes eating fancy cheeses, drinking tasty beverages and chatting amongst ourselves.

Then, I gave a short speech in which I thanked everyone who had helped me during the book’s long production cycle. I followed this up with a short reading from the book. I choose Chapter Three as it was fairly short and gave everyone a pretty good introduction into the story and the main character, Blue. However, no sooner had I finished did another group of eight people enter the store. If only I had waited another 15-20 minutes. Some people asked me to read another section but I figured that one chapter would be enough. Anymore than that and it would have been too much. At least the latecomers got to eat cake.


Getting my hair into the cake.

Oh yes the cake! I had it specially made by the good folks at the Nutty Greek Bakery on Rochester. It was peanut butter and chocolate. They even made an edible copy of my book cover to adorn the top. Mmmm, delicious! I can still taste it.

Then, we milled about and chatted some more. Lots of great friends bought books and got me to sign them. Nothing else could make an author happier than someone asking him to sign their book. Oh yeah, the cake got demolished.


Yum. We love cake!

And then it was over. People went home. I helped the owners clean up. I returned the chairs the next day and that was it. I still haven’t got rid of all the cheese. At least now I get a moment to relax and reflect and a wonderful experience.

I would to thank everyone for coming. You guys are the best. I would like to thank those who bought books. You’re awesome. I would also like to thank the owners, Vaughn and Stephen, of Black Squirrel Books for being such gracious and supportive hosts. I will be back.

It was an experience of a lifetime and I was fortunate to share it with some of my best friends. Until next time.

Now available for sale! In a real bookstore!

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