Evermore: Call of the Nocturne Paperback Edition Is Now Available for Sale!

Paperback Edition Now Available!

After years of writing, years of editing and months of self-publishing tribulation, I am proud to announce that Evermore: Call of the Nocturne is now available for purchase as a paperback. Finally! After buying Adobe Acrobat Professional and recreating the pdf files, I was finally able to create a paperback edition that didn’t have any strange errors. The book is finally done. You can purchase it online at the Lulu Store.

Please buy my book.

I can’t describe the elation that I feel right. It’s like a great weight has lifted itself off of my skull. It took a long time but it is finally done. Thank you to everyone who followed me in this long and arduous process. I really hope that all of you enjoy the novel.

My next step is to make it available on the Amazon book store and then to organize my official book launch. I’ll be posting the details here soon. I hope that all of you can make it. Thank you once again for your support on this long journey. Now, I going to go grab myself a beer.



4 thoughts on “Evermore: Call of the Nocturne Paperback Edition Is Now Available for Sale!

  1. Congratulations on your book making it to dead tree form.

    I’ve started reading the digital version and really enjoyed the opening acknowledgment on the process to write this story. I spent this past NaNoWriMo to finally dust off a book I began back in 1996, so between the kick start my novel needed and reading your own tale, it gives me some hope (and sobering expectations) that I might finally finish my work.

    I also found it interesting you lived in Lethbridge — I grew up in Great Falls, Montana, and as a kid, I remember watching the Lethbridge 2&7 television channel (I was probably watching cartoons in the afternoon on that station).

    – Chad

  2. Thanks for picking up the digital version. The year in Lethbridge was certainly an interesting one. I was always surprised by how the weather would change so quickly because of the chinooks. Other than writing, there really wasn’t that much else to do. I hear Montana is breathtaking. Congratulations on kick-starting your project. It takes a lot of work but it’s worth it in the end. Have a merry christmas.

  3. Great Falls also got the chinook winds. Snow and ice one day, mud and slush the next.

  4. It is quite a strange phenomenon. I still don’t quite fully understand it but it’s still fairly cool.

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