My Book Has Arrived!

As part of the publication process for paperbacks with Lulu, I wanted to buy my own copy first before opening it up to the general public so that I could make sure that there weren’t any errors. I ordered it off Lulu four days ago and today it arrived!

As you can see on the right, the book comes in a nice rectangular box. Cute.

Cue the images below to see what was inside.

The front cover in plastic


The title page


The start of a random chapter

The back cover

And finally the spine

After a short review, I must say I’m impressed. It looks great. It feels great. It looks and feels like a real book! I’ll need to do a more thorough review before I make it available for the public. That said, WOW!┬áThis completely makes the thousands of hours that I poured into this project worth it. Now it’s time to start another one.

Maybe tomorrow. :)

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