Ottawa Independent Writers’ Meet and Greet

Today, I attended a meet and greet with the Ottawa Independent Writers Associated at the Collected Works Bookstore in the Ottawa neighbourhood of Hintonburg. In short, I had a wonderful time. It was great to talk to a bunch of authors who were passionate about their craft and excited to hear what everyone else was up to. I also got some great advice on how to host my book launch. Since it will be my first, I’m looking for as much advice as possible and the Ottawa Independent Writers certainly accommodated me.

There were some very interesting stories and non-fiction works on offer at the reading including a book about Welsh Zombies (Alice ♥ Welsh Zombies by Victoria Dunn), project management (Realities of Project Management by Allen Price), fantasy novels, mystery novels. There was literally something for everyone.

I was also impressed by the bookstore, Collected Works. The minute I entered the store, I was met by a large display of local authors. Their commitment to local authors is quite commendable. The store was well-decorated, well-light and staffed by some very friendly staff. I’ll have to inquire into the details of holding a book launch there. I would prefer a location closer to Centretown and where we could serve alcohol :), but I was still impressed by the location. Stay tuned.

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