Building a Blurb – Evermore: Call of the Nocturne

After a long day finishing Bioshock, buying groceries, and making lunch for the work, I finally found some time to work on the web page for my first novel – Evermore: Call of the Nocturne.  To start with, I’ve decided to stick to a simple teaser blurb.  Despite its short length, blurb writing is no easy task.  In the two years that I’ve struggled to get COTN published, I have always a challenge summarizing the story.  My first synopsis was eight pages.  I managed to shorten that to five for my later submissions.  For a blurb, on the other hand, you only have 100 words or so.  Not very much space.

So for help on this task, I turned, as usual, to Google.  Google led me to the following link by Marilynn Byerly which helped me a lot in writing my blurb.  Marilynn has specific tips for each of different genres in which she writes.  Based on her science fiction advice, I wrote the following:

Adam should be a happy man.  He is the creator of Evermore, a virtual reality world in which millions of people play, work, and live out their lives.  Days away from an initial stock offering that will make him a millionaire, Adam is on top of the world.  But there is one secret that Adam must hide.  Evermore can kill you.

Faced with a sudden and inexplicable murder inside his virtual paradise, Adam must turn to a dangerous mercenary known only by the name Blue.  Driven by her insatiable lust for violence, Blue must enter Evermore and hunt down the killer.  But once she jacks in, will she be ready for the secrets that await her?

Evermore: Call of the Nocturne is a science-fiction digital novel coming to iPhones everything Fall 2010.

All in all, not a bad first try at it.  This blurb will of course change as we get closer to publication but to be frank I am pretty happy with my first try.

The Evermore: Call of the Nocturne page can be found at  Stayed tuned to this page for new information about my first digital novel.

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