Britney Sanchez Found

UPDATE – Tina deleted the flyer from her home page and I have done the same.

UPDATE – They found her. Apparently, they were tipped off by an anonymous source that she was seen at a Walgreens. Thank goodness. I guess that sometimes prayers are answered.

Hi everyone. One of my small pleasures in life is listening to video game podcasts from The social media manager there is Tina Sanchez. On Twitter today, she has listed her sister as missing and believed kidnapped. As I live here in Ottawa, the only thing that I can do is to put out out the message to my network and ask others to help. If you live in the San Francisco area, please keep an eye open for her and report any information, no matter how small, to the numbers listed in the flyer below.

Let us all pray for the safe return of Tina’s sister.

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