Looking for a New Editor

Hi everyone. Progress on the next draft of E:COTN is going well. I should have it ready by Christmas. I had originally planned to finish it by December 1st but I unfortunately I have learned that the editor that reviewed the previous draft, Erin Stropes, will be unable to take a second look at the manuscript due to her taking over the editing responsibilities for her university program’s journal.

I had hoped that since she had given me so much feedback, that she would have been perfect to evaluate the many changes that I’ve made to the manuscript. Unfortunately, that won’t be possible. I would like to extend Erin my thanks for her work on the manuscript and to wish her the best of luck on her new responsibilities. I hope to work with again on future stories.

So I am looking for a new editor. It may prove advantageous in that I will be able to get a different perspective on the text. I hope to find one by January so that I can have his/her notes by the Summer. This will give me the summer to finish the manuscript and prepare the text for publication on iBookstore and the Kindle Store. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. In the meantime, I will be finishing off the edit and reading through the Giller-prize winning “The Sentimentals”. Until next time.

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