Halloween came and went this year and contrary to my hermit-like nature, I actually went out. I went with some of my co-workers to Barrymore’s and we danced the night away. As for my costume, I had difficulty finding anything as usual. I was stuck in Giant Tiger when I found a bunch of orange clothes. So I went as Captain Orange, a superhero laced with the power of citrus. When he’s not fighting his arch-nemesis Dr. Applecore or wooing his lady love Lady Mandarin, he’s promoting the benefits of oranges as part of a balanced diet on behalf of the Florida Orange Industry. Yeah, pretty stupid I know, but not bad considering the situation. Clearly the favorite costume of the night was Polkaroo. For some reason, Ontario kids love Polkaroo. We didn’t get Polkaroo in BC so I don’t quite get it. So all in all a good night. Next year I’ll put more time and thought into my costume.

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