iBooks Announced for iPhone

And the good news keeps getting better.

As reported by Macworld.com, the iPhone OS 4.0 presentation today announced that the iBooks app, available on the iPad since its launch, will now be available along with the iBooks Store on the iPhone.  As quoted by Macworld, this means that

In another borrowed feature from the iPad, Apple will make its iBooks e-reader available to the iPhone in iPhone OS 4.0. The iPhone offering will be a smaller version of the iPad app, but it allows for the same features, including purchasing from Apple’s iBookstore. And you’ll also be able to sync your place and bookmarks between multiple devices—leave off reading a book on your iPad, and you can start reading it in the same place on your iPhone.

It seems that self-publishers in Canada have had nothing but good news over the past three months.  First the Amazon Digital Text Platform and Kindle app for iPhone came to Canada in January – allowing any writer to publish to the world’s most popular media device at no upfront cost.  Then, we found out that Apple was launching iBooks and that Smashwords and Lulu would be supporting it – allowing any reader to buy your work with the same account that they buy music, movies, and games with.  But now we find out that iBooks will be available on the iPhone.  It doesn’t get any better than this.  Now only if we could figure out how to get people to buy the millions of self-published novels that will appear on the platform.

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