The Sentimentalists Review

Memories are both a blessing and a curse. They have the emotional power to take us back to our greatest experiences but they also insidiously unreliable, constantly lying to us about our own past. Johanna Skibsrud’s debut novel, The Sentimentalists, plays on this contradictions. Her Giller Prize winning novel, a near-autographical take on her own […] Read More

Britney Sanchez Found

UPDATE – Tina deleted the flyer from her home page and I have done the same. UPDATE – They found her. Apparently, they were tipped off by an anonymous source that she was seen at a Walgreens. Thank goodness. I guess that sometimes prayers are answered. Hi everyone. One of my small pleasures in life […] Read More

Macworld Scrivener Review

Macworld has done a detailed review of Scrivener 2.0. When I was choosing which story writing software to buy last year, I didn’t really examine Scrivener too much because I just couldn’t get into the program. I’m committed to Storyist for now but if you’re looking for writing software, you might to give Scrivener another […] Read More