Apple Offers iPad Self-Publishing

On Wednesday, Apple announced that they would be offering support for individuals seeking to self-publish to the iBook Store.  MacLife has the details at In short, Apple will allow you to publish directly to the iBook Store if you meet the following criteria: The eBook must have a valid and unique ISBN number; The […] Read More

I have myself an Editor

Publication of Evermore: Call of the Nocturne is moving along quite nicely.  After some searching, I have found an editor.  Henry Baum, writer of The American Book for the Dead, recommended Erin Stropes ( from Montreal, QC.  After reviewing Erin’s work, I have hired her to do a line edit of my manuscript.  Needless to […] Read More

Why I picked Storyist

Over the past few weeks, my writing output has been slowed as I’ve made to transition from Windows to Mac. When I was on Windows, I would fight my way through MS Word. Word is probably the best word processor on the market, but I found that it got in the way of the writing […] Read More