Amazon’s Digital Text Platform Comes to Canada and Changes Everything … again

Wow, I can’t believe that I missed this one.  Back in January, Amazon announced that it was extending its groundbreaking Digital Text Platform to non-US authors.  The complete story is here. This is big news indeed for the cut-the-publisher-out-of-the-picture movement. Today, Amazon announced that it has opened its Kindle Digital Text Platform (DTP)–which is the Web-platform […] Read More

The Solution to Any Computer Problem

I’ve been waylaid from writing for the past couple of weeks by computer problems.  First, my old PC, a Compaq Presario SR2020NX that I purchased in 2006, started to stop showing its video to the screen.  The problem was intermittent so I muddled through the problem by turning the system on and off continuously until […] Read More

Pegasus Book Group Joins iPad Lineup (hey, I’m waiting for the mac mini and MacBook Pro upgrades alright!) is reporting that Pegasus Books Group has agreed to bring their entire line of indepndent books to the iPad. The news story can be found online at To comment, this is definitely the direction that I expected the iPad to go. […] Read More