Website Transfer

Sorry for the long delay in between posts but I’ve spend a lot of time transferring my website from the US side of my service provider to the Canadian side. If you’re seeing this email, then it was successful. Read More

Britney Sanchez Found

UPDATE – Tina deleted the flyer from her home page and I have done the same. UPDATE – They found her.¬† Apparently, they were tipped off by an anonymous source that she was seen at a Walgreens. Thank goodness. I guess that sometimes prayers are answered. Hi everyone. One of my small pleasures in life […] Read More


Hi everyone. Work on E:COTN is continuing at a rapid pace. I should have the latest draft ready for my editor by December 1st. It’s a lot of work but the vast improvements in the manuscript have made it all worthwhile. In the meantime, I would take a timeout to give a shout out to […] Read More